3 Drinking Games Perfect for a Pregame

Imagine this. It’s a Friday night and you’re getting ready with your friends to go out for a much deserved night out in the city. You’ve got bottles of liquor waiting to be consumed and just want to have a great time. Here are three drinking games perfect for the occasion (or any other).

  1. Kings Cup

As you may know, there are various versions of this game. Usually, people just play by house rules. Well here are ours.

To set up, put a closed can of beer in the center of a table and spread a deck of cards around it in a circle. Make sure the circle is closed and there are no gaps!

Next, have the players circle around the table, each with their drink of choice. The game starts when the first player picks their first card from the circle.

Ace: Waterfall - Everyone must drink until the person to the left of them (starting with the person who picked the card) stops.

2: You - The player picks someone else to drink.

3: Me - The player has to take a drink.

4: Floor - The last person to put their hand on the floor has to drink.

5: Chicks - All the female players must drink.

6: Dicks - All the male players must drink.

7: Heaven - The last person to put their hand up (toward heaven) has to drink.

8: Mate - The player picks a “mate”. This means each time either of them drinks, they both have to drink.

9: Rhyme - The player says a word. Going around the table clockwise, each player must say a new word that rhymes with the first. The first player to hesitate or mess up has to drink.

10: Categories - The player picks a category (ex: shoe brands, colors, animals, etc.) and going around the table clockwise, each player must say a new word that fits in that category. Again, the first player to hesitate or mess up has to drink.

Jack: Never Have I Ever - Each player puts up 5 fingers. Going clockwise, starting with the player who picked the card, each player says one thing they have never done. Those who have done it before put a finger down. The first person to have all of their fingers down has to drink.

Queen: Question Master - Whoever answers any of this player’s questions with an answer besides “F you” or flipping them off has to drink. This lasts until the next Queen is drawn.

King: The player creates a rule for the game. Some examples are: Drink if you say the word “drink”, Drink if you touch your face, etc.

After drawing a card, each player must put their card under the pull tab of the beer can in the middle of the table. Whoever’s card causes the can to open even a little bit has to chug the beer. Replace the beer can and continue the game. The same rule applies for the person who breaks the circle of cards!

  1. Cheers to the Governor!

Don’t have a deck of playing cards? This game is simple and doesn’t require anything but you, your friends, and a few drinks. Have your group form a circle and go in order (clockwise or not, your choice!) counting from the number 1 up to the number 21. Each time the group counts up to 21, you all say “cheers to the governor!” and take a swig. The person who counted number 21 gets to make up a rule for any number of his or her choosing. For example, instead of saying 7, you now have to say brand of beer, or you can switch the number 3 with number 11. Be creative! Now it gets harder to count up to 21, as your memory is tested trying to remember each new rule. Each time the group reaches 21, a new rule is created for a new number. The best part of the game is that whenever someone forgets a rule, they have to drink and the group starts over at 1. The game gets better the more you have to drink!


  1. Cards Against Humanity as a Drinking Game

Enjoy one of your favorite games with your friends, but add a little twist to it. If you lose a round or are the person picking the best card, take a drink!

These three games will let you have a great time while getting drunk and bonding with your friends on a whole new level.

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