5 Musts for the Ultimate Bachelorette Party

As we get closer to the summer and nicer weather (yes!), wedding season is also fast approaching. More and more of your friends are getting married or engaged, and bachelorette parties need to be organized to begin the festivities. To make sure that you plan accordingly and give your bride-to-be the best time of her life, we have laid out 5 necessities for an amazing bachelorette party.

1. Venues

When planning the perfect bachelorette party, you want to have a home base and several stages for the evening. Depending on your budget, this can be at a hotel or a familiar apartment where the bride and her guests get ready for the night, have drinks, and leave bags and gifts. After deciding on the home base for the night, the party needs to get fuel before the alcohol starts flowing. Make reservations at a nice restaurant that will cater to your bride’s favorites and also have variety for her guests. Next up is the main event of the night; call ahead or go online to reserve tables and bottle service at the bar or club of choice. Make sure there’s enough room for everyone to pop champagne and dance the night away!     


2. Transportation

So you’ve got all the locations planned out for then night. Now you need to arrange transportation to and from each stage of the evening. What better way to keep the fun going from place to place than a stretch limo or party bus? This makes sure no one has to be an unfortunate designated driver for an epic night. Many private chauffeur services offer fully stocked bars and music as well so you can keep showering the bride all night!

3. Theme

Selecting a theme for the night makes it that much more memorable. Whether it’s Hawaiian Tiki, Pretty and Pink, Retro, or The Great Gatsby, a creative theme allows for more fun with matching outfits, party favors, and plenty of great photos.


4. Games

An awesome party always has tons of games. For the ultimate bachelorette party, the bride must be the center of attention. Before going out, several games are a must at home base. The guests can ask personal questions about the groom that the bride has to answer, or the bachelorettes can fill a bowl with sexual or marital tips that the bride must read aloud. A final game before heading out is having the guests create a list of dares that the bride (or others) must do throughout the night.   

5. Gifts

The last must for any bachelorette party is to make sure the bride is serenaded with gifts. The important thing to remember is that she must be able to use or wear the gifts after the bachelorette party and the wedding. Good examples include sexy lingerie (of course), and nice silk pajamas or tops she can wear to bed.

Remembering to plan for these 5 things will ensure a night your bride won’t forget!

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